Landlines and VoIP

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Landlines and VoIP

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How it works


Our Hosted voice over IP service is a feature rich, cost effective solution, ideal for small to enterprise businesses looking to benefit from standard to advanced hosted VOIP telephone systems that feature a true IP communication solution with a lower cost of ownership, through centralised web based management with available options such as true mobility and computer integration.

Feature Highlights:

Enterprise Voice
– Business class telephony functionality at a touch of a button

Mobile Office
– Take & make calls on your smart-phone, windows or Mac

Call Director
– Gives you the ability to move a call from your desk phone to your mobile seamlessly, and then back again!

Call Logging
– Company wide call records, comparison and analytical tools for tracking and improving the efficiency of your business

Call Recording (FSA/PCI Compliant)
– Benefit from secure cloud based call recording, intelligent statistics and real-time monitoring.

Click to Dial Toolbar
– Integrates with MS Outlook enables click to dial of contacts and caller notification.

Call Centre (with wall-board)
– Allows call centre functionality with the added benefit of a wall board all web based so accessible anywhere.

CRM Integration
Supports all the major CRM packages enabling screen pop-up and call logging

Disaster Recovery Options
– Pre-configure options in advance to help your business continuity plans

Reception Console
– This is an attendant console application for telephone attendants and receptionists who screen and manage incoming calls

True Multi-site support
– Extension dialling regardless of location & centralised management allow you to not only deploy and manage your telephony solution easily but at low cost

Number Portability
– You can move your existing numbers from traditional lines onto the VoIP exchange


Confused about what Voip is or why it can save your business ¬£1000’s watch the video below or contact us to find out more!