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iPhone XS

iPhone XS from £65 ex vat no upfront cost every month! iPhone XS Max from £70 ex vat no upfront cost every month! All with massive 50gb data!


Unlimited mins, texts and huge 100gb data on EE business deal from £79 ex vat with free iPhone XS 64gb FREE. Only 24 month contract.


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Business services built on a personal experience

The team at Cat 5 Communication has 50 years combined knowledge and experience supplying telephony services to both business and consumer customers.

Cat 5 offers designated account managers and field based sales representatives available upon request. We are an established experienced team that strive to give your business the service it deserves.

We offer an up to date price comparison of all current providers of all our services to ensure customers are getting the best value for money no matter what service you use.


Call 01327 352 413 or 01280 875 314

Broadband Services

Super Fast broadband Anywhere!! Our new 4G routers are ready to go wherever you need data, with speeds up to 50 mbps starting from £25 pm.


Merchant Services

Card processing solutions that can be used either wired or completely portable

Business Contract Services

The latest and most business minded devices on the market available with any of our bespoke business contracts.


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Available now! Contact us for contract options.